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The main thing is you need someone to help out at least for the first 4 days to a week...husband, friend, relative, whichever. It only matters if your husband is home because he is the only one that can help. My husband was home,... READ COMMENT

If your open wound is in the center of your incision, this can happen. it can be very tough for the blood to flow to that part of the body after it's been cut. Everyone is different. I had about an inch area that was very stubborn to... READ COMMENT

I'm certainly not a doctor, but at 5 weeks it was ok for me to do moderate pace walking. By 6 weeks I was allowed to lift light hand weights (5lbs) 8 weeks I started back to cycling and low impact cardio. By 9 weeks I was back to... READ COMMENT

Since you still have a scab on your belly button, it's really hard to say how it will look. It really takes months for your tummy lose its swelling and see what your BB will look like. I know it's so hard to hear that it will take... READ COMMENT

Happy, I'd love to see your pics, too. I had my FTT and BA back in April. I, too, am loving my results. I'm intrigued about the tatoo idea...sounds like a great idea! do you have the pics posted somewhere here, I'm not seeing them? READ COMMENT