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Eye Injury Caused Eye to Be Bigger, Can Plastic Surgery Fix It?

My left eye is bigger than my right eye due to an injury to my left eye when i was young. it got bigger after it healed i guessed. can plastic surgery fix it? So when I... READ MORE

Can This Left Eye Be Fixed? (photo)

He had an eye injury a few years ago and as a result the left eye became bigger. 1. Please explain to me why and how the eye is bigger. 2. Can it be fix? The same thing... READ MORE

My Left Eye Protrudes out More Due to an Injury to It?

When i was 6 or 7 I had a my left eye hit directly by a large stick. Now I am 24. Ever since the injury my left eye protrudes out of its socket more so than the right one. At... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Orbital Decompression?

Hello, In Chicago, what would be the typical cost of a fat orbital decompression? My left eye is slightly protrudes more than my right one due to an injury to my left eye as a... READ MORE

Fat Orbital Decompression for Proptosis Due to Trauma?

I had trauma to my left eye when I was 6 or 7. Now I am 24. my left eye had proptosis ever since. I already had a CT Scan that came out normal .I have been told that the only... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression Surgery? Do you think I should do the lateral wall removal or endorscopically the medial and lower walls?

I have proptosis on my left eye. 1.5mm more than my right. It is preventing it from closing during sleep and blinking, and all the symptoms associated with this. It may or may... READ MORE

Fat Orbital Decompression?

I do NOT have Graves'. I have proptosis on my left eye due to trauma. CT Scan is normal. 1.5mm of protrusion. Am I a candidate for a fat decompression? can you elaborate on the... READ MORE

Fat Removal Orbital Decompression Surgery?

Please only focus your answers to the specific questions that I ask. Me: 24y Asian Male. no Graves'. 1.5mm proptosis and as a result, lagophthalmos, on left eye due to trauma.... READ MORE

How is a Lateral Wall Orbital Decompression Done?

Please keep in mind that I have done quite a bit of research already, so don't be afraid to use medical terms. Is it basically to thin the lateral wall? Or is there going to be... READ MORE

Non surgical ways to raise lower eyelid?

My left eye's lower eyelid is slightly higher than my right eye's. So I am trying to rise my my right eye's lower lid to match the left. An oculafacial plastic surgeon once... READ MORE