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Congratulations! Glad you got past those first 5 days and are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your success and providing hope and encouragement to the rest of us who haven't had the surgery yet. READ COMMENT

I recognize that surgery alone isn't an answer. I've done a lot of work to change shift my mind with regards to my eating habits, stress management and exercise. Over the majority of my adult life I've tried "programs" to lose the... READ COMMENT

When I spoke with the doc's office they said I probably wouldn't have a waiting period - based on what they've seen from my insurance provider in the past and my specific situation. My challenge is figuring out when I can do it... READ COMMENT

Oh wow.... I get it! I've seriously reconsidered my job/career a lot over the past few years because of the stress/anxiety. Thanks again for sharing. While I hate that you've had to deal with anxiety too... I'm glad to connect with... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the reply. I've seen doctors for anxiety since I was a kid. Panic attacks started when I was 13 and resurfaced again at age 20. I spent a lot of time in counseling and been on different meds. Now the anxiety mainly... READ COMMENT