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New photos are up. Officially 8 weeks post op

I am so excited to hopefully be moving forward with my procedure. I work for my surgeon, which I am so blessed to do, and get to see her amazing results. I was recently married, and now can start packing on the weight. I just need to sit down with Dr. Bandy and determine if I should do it sooner or later. I'm wanting to do it within the next 6 weeks so that I can be healed by the time summer... READ MORE

Oh my Gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LATISSE! - Newport Beach, CA

I am the patient coordinator here at the office, and love that I get to try many of the products and services and give patients my honest opinion about everything. Latisse has worked for me! What more can I say. I love it. PROS: Long lashes that look amazing and that everyone compliments on. CONS: If you stop using the product, you start seeing the length of your lashes decrease... READ MORE

Juvederm to Smile Lines and to Lips for Fullness - Newport Beach, CA

I am the patient coordinator at the office, and I'm so blessed to work with such an amazing and honest surgeon. Got Juvederm with Dr. Bandy last December 8th. I absolutely loved it! With lots of sun damage to my face, I started to notice my "smile lines" were getting deeper and make-up was starting to settle into these areas and looked really tacky and looked like my face was dirty. After... READ MORE

Botox to Forehead, Crowsfeet and Glabella! LOVE IT..and I Don't Look Like a Robot! - Newport Beach, CA

Because I am the patient coordinator in her office, I get to see her do Botox almost everyday. After pondering botox for years and hearing the pros and cons, I finally opted to do it. I'm only 27, but with years in the sun and tanning beds, I've started to notice lines on my forehead. So I went for it and had botox to my forehead. I loved the results, however, when I had limited mobility... READ MORE

Going from 850cc Saline Implants to 600-650cc Silicone and Repairing my Pocket - Newport Beach, Ca

Hi All! I am sharing my journey with you. At the ripe age of 19, I decided that I wanted big breasts, as I was always a gymnast and did not develop past an A cup. I wanted to feel beautiful and get attention! Well, I sure got my wish. For the past 8 years I have had 750cc saline implants, overfilled to 850cc implants, placed behind the muscle. With the weight and size of the implant and 8... READ MORE

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Everything still looks great! I love my booty!! READ COMMENT

Yes I do. Please private message me if you are interested READ COMMENT

It's a controversial topic with surgeons. Some surgeons say that it doesn't work at all, and some say it works, but not as well as fresh fat. I have personally seen great results with frozen fat transfer, so I'm a believer. I think the... READ COMMENT

Thank you! Yes, day 4 of recovery and I worked a full 8 hours. YIKES! I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE... READ COMMENT