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Personal Embelishment's & Refinement's, My Quest Towards Physical Enhancement & Enlightenment - San Diego, CA

I am almost 52 yrs. old and ready to make certain neccasary changes in my appearance that I feel would compliment my physical appearance. I'm really not suffering too bad especially since I'm hitting 52 in August. However, I have come to the realization that no matter what happens after we die, the only thing that I truly know is that I am presently here on this earth now, at this very... READ MORE

Questions from 1342bluebird

Most Before and After Photos Show Only A Slight Difference, Why? Need Help Finding A Surgeon in San Diego Area?

Im searching San Diego Rhinoplasty surgeons before & after photos and becoming seriously disconcerted by what I'm finding. Profiles are important but also frontal views... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Instead of Lift? For Financial Reasons.

I am turning 52 this year and feel I am ready for a mini lift or something of this nature. I have aged rather gracefully and most of my problems are in the nasal folds and the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgery Accompanied with a Liplift & Cheek Implants or Minilift, is This a Good Idea?

Rhinoplasty surgery accompanied with a liplift & cheek implants or minilift, is this a good idea? READ MORE

Lip Lift Vs. Lip Augmentation To Create More Sultry Lips?

I want to reduce the length between my nose to my upper lip. I also want to enhance the appearance create a more sultry lip/lips. Would a lip lift accomplish both of these... READ MORE

Regarding SurgiWire and Similar Techniques?

I just read about a proceedure involving surgical wire or thread that is used to irradicate difficult furrows and wrinkles. I think a needle is utilized in this proceedure and... READ MORE

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I think your lips and you yourself look positiely beautiful!!! Don't let others frighten you especially since youve tried it before and had great results I personally dont think you need any more but can see the difference in your... READ COMMENT

Your from Oceanside Ca. I'm from San Diego Ca. and I am afraid to go into Mexico but I hae done so in the past for the Bio Aclmed (?) which I loved!!! It has been seeral years since I had that proceedure done and really want to save up... READ COMMENT

I'm not an idiot, obviously your a little to *opinionated and trigger happy, in my *opinion. have to defend my view from personal experience. Okay I admit that I know relatively nothing about Bio Aclamid, I didn't even when I went... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your input on this procedure, I have ( in the past two weeks ) been to two different surgeons for sculptra and been sent home with nothing being done, nothing no nada!?!!! Happy to know that there are responsible doctors... READ COMMENT

Dear kind Sir, I would beg to differ, I had the same thing done at least 12 years ago or more even at that very same clinic and I also do believe that this is what the clinic gave me ( Bio Aclimid ). I remember leaving the office (... READ COMMENT