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Belotero for Upper Lip Wrinkles

I did Belotero for upper lip wrinkles today and it is amazing. I am 51 and those lines on upper lip started bothering me. They are called "smoker lines" and although I never smoke, it is just the part of aging process for me. In a med spa where I get Botox nurse suggested Belotero or Restyline silk. She said that she really thinks I will like Belotero. I was a bit afraid to try because I have... READ MORE

Oxygen Facial with Dermaplaning

I am 51 and always took good care of my facial skin. This time I decided to try Oxygen Facial by Intraceuticals. Aesthetician in the Spa suggested to combine treatment with Dermaplaning. I absolutely loved this treatment .My skin is smooth, glowing and rejuvenated. The procedure took 1.5 hours: prep skin for dermaplaning (cleansing, use of a bit of steam), dermaplaning (scraping skin with a... READ MORE

51 Y.o Female, IPL is One of the Best Treatments for my Facial Skin - Arizona

I love IPL and over the last 5 years I have done many IPL procedures. For me IPL works very well. I am Caucasian with very light skin. I started doing IPLs because I wanted better complexion, "flawless" look of the skin with smaller pores, less pigmental discoloration and redness. That is exactly what IPL does - minimizes pores, clears up hypo pigmentation. It is also makes my skin more... READ MORE

Questions from Zeyah

SMAS and skin fascia, what are the major differences between a Facelift where the skin is moved and SMAS?

Does cheek skin fascia get cut and skin detached from muscle in SMAS surgery or in SMAS skin is not getting detached from muscle but moved together with a muscle (and after... READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty incision line location?

I want to do upper bleph but after reading this website and seeing many upper bleph botched surgery pictures I am afraid. Why many patients end up with scars that are not in... READ MORE

Recent comments from Zeyah

You do not need a medical background to sell a body massager. It is just a body massager. I use Ashley's blaster and another random one I got for a couple bucks on Amazon. To me it works wonders. I am blasting consistently since spring... READ COMMENT

Nice results! I also use it and see the difference. I am blasting in sauna on hot skin only all problem areas a few times a week about 4 month. I got slimmer and cellulite is not so visible. I can not spend $$$$ on cellulite treatments... READ COMMENT

I am using blaster consistently 4-6 times a week on problem areas for 4 month now and never had any swelling. I do not understand what health damage it can cause - this is just a body massaging tool. I am getting trimmer and slimmer,... READ COMMENT

No, no photoshop. Sorry I do not know what is "soft focused". Picture was taken with my Nikon camera. READ COMMENT

Sorry I did not came back to your request - kept forgetting to look up machine's name. It is Cynosure Elite MPX READ COMMENT