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Had Botox For Crows Feet, But Would Like To Smooth Wrinkles Under Eyes, and All Around?

I've recently had botox for crow's feet and I'm pleased with the results (I'm 36). However, I would like to have a total smooth eye area. Now I still have under... READ MORE

Juvederm: No Results After 3 Days?

Hi, I had Juvederm injected yesterday in 3 area's: the horizontal lines on the nose bridge, corners of my mounth and in few lines on chin. From what the dermatologist told me I... READ MORE

Chin Area: Botox/fillers?

Hi, I'm 36 and for two years I have been getting botox shots for crow's feet and bunny lines, last time I also had filler for corners of mouth. Very happy with all that.... READ MORE

Bunny Lines: 1 Shot Botox on Each Side of Nose or 3?

I went to another derm and she did my bunny lines differently. Both used 10 units of botox. But whereas my previous derm did 3 shots on each side of the nose and one in the... READ MORE

Inner Eye Corner Wrinkles: What Helps?

I use botox for crow's feet, but it seems I have more lines now in the inner corner of my eyes (near the nose), especially when I laugh. I hate these crêpe-like lines. What ... READ MORE

Botox Touch Up Crows Feet: One Prick Enough?

I was happy with my last botox results: a smooth forehead, nose, chin and no more crow's feet. And it looked natural, 'soft' and didn't feel weird. However, after 1 month the... READ MORE

Slightly Thinning Face: Already Start with Fillers?

I'm 37. I always had a thin face (on a thin body frame). I dread the sunken in face my mother has. And now I notice a slight thinning in my face. It's just a little less plump... READ MORE

Spectra Laser Peel: Has Anyone Tried It?

I wanted to do something about my enlarged pores, acne scars and the dermatologist recommended Spectra Laser Peel. Bc I read very positive things about it on the internet, I... READ MORE

Still wrinkles in inner eye corner after botox. What to do?

I, I'm 38 and a regular for botox in forehead, crow's feet, bunny lines and chin. Usually I'm very happy with the results. There is only one thing that still bothers me: I seem... READ MORE

What can be done about the wrinkles in the inner corners of my eyes?

Use botox for crow's feet. But I absolutely hate the wrinkles in the inner corners of my eyes. They seem to become worse and worse (39 now and use botox from age 35). What can... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to improve an old surgical scar?

I have a scar on my face from an accident when I was one year old. Six years ago I had laser therapy for it, which improved it a lot (scar looked finer and thinner). However,... READ MORE

I have been getting Spectra laser (Lutronic) for treatment of enlarged pores. YAG laser: all the same?

I LOVE the results. Unfortunately, my doctor has moved away, and I can't find another doctor within a 3 hours journey. :-(( (I did find a beautician, but she left me with burn... READ MORE