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Vitamin Stupid - I would like to thank you for your intellectual conversation, and the fact that you keep writing back to me,lol. You and anyone else on here who feels the need to try to -what? tell me off? make me love Jen and hate... READ COMMENT

And yet there you are writing to me....... READ COMMENT

@ Vitamin A - oh dear, I think you might need Prozac or something more than vitamin A. I have the nerve to call myself what I want just as you do - and I dont think you have a sad and mean spirit, a little goofy maybe. I am having so... READ COMMENT

I was going to let this go , but you people are all crazy over a woman who got into the biz though her father. Yes so did Angie but the dif is - angie can act, Angie is beautiful and Angie has had the same man ( that she did not 'steal'... READ COMMENT

You keep writing - pot calling the kettle black,smh again.... READ COMMENT