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Tumescent Anesthesia Face Lift?

I would like to know, does any plastic surgeon have experience with this procedure? Any opinions? READ MORE

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Sorry to hear that. Consent form signed after narcotics? I believe it is not valid. You should go to the doctors, who have performed on some one you know and not just by advertisement alone. READ COMMENT

You should compare apples with apples. One picture with bra and one without it. Please put the bra on and take pictures so you could see the results, however it is too soon to see the real results. READ COMMENT

The recommended guideline from cynosure, Maker of smart lipo is the local anesthesia first, followed by laser to melt fat and then suction. READ COMMENT

Well, you can call the doctor or when you see him for follow up, ask him how much joules were given. Joule is measurement of energy given. Like height in inches and weight in lbs. In answer to your question about fat cell. The fat... READ COMMENT

We usually give Demerol,a pain killer. Wait about 20 min. meanwhile marking, taking pictures etc. during that time.Then patient can not feel numbing medicine, which normally stings. When patient is numb, it is really painless laser and... READ COMMENT