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Huge Nose Reduced in Size - Washington, DC

I had a huge, wide & shapeless nose, and I wanted it reduced in size and refined. Dr. Chaboki recommended narrowing my nostrils, raising the tip, and narrowing the bridge. He did not use any implants to raise the bridge of my nose other than my own cartilage from inside my nose. I did not end up using any ear or rib cartilage. I had my surgery during the last week of July, and I... READ MORE

Straight Teeth but a Horribly Misaligned Jaw & TMJ Pain - Ames, Iowa

I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my jaw was fine, and it was more of a cosmetic issue than anything. Just because every single person from my junior high got braces, I went along with the crowd and my parents paid $3000 for braces. The orthodontist insisted on pulling out three of my teeth (even though it would shift my jaw into an incredibly awkward position and cause an... READ MORE

Effective but Very Slow Process - Orono, ME

I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip pretty much all my life. I used to be able to bleach it using Sally Hansen's products, but the hair eventually grew so thick and long that it was still highly visible even after bleaching. I ended up going to an electrolysis; she charges $35/15 minutes or $50 for half an hour. I've gone every one or two weeks for nearly a year now. The... READ MORE

Update: Asian Eyelid Surgery - Washigton, DC

I've always had small eyes, but I honestly was never bothered by that until I gained 30 lbs and my entire face (including my eyelids) became extremely fat. My eyes also started drooping; there was so much fat that it looked like my eyes were closed all the time. I became extremely paranoid about this and began wearing heavy eye makeup to conceal the fat/drooping. I finally became tired of... READ MORE

Questions from colvingirl

Best Procedure for Removing Raised, Darker Scar? (photo)

I obtained these raised scars (which are slightly darker than my face) from an accident when I was a child. I've read a lot about "scar removal," but I can't... READ MORE

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I am sorry to hear your troubles. I agree with the other posters -- I think your main issue is that your nose was really, really good pre-rhinoplasty (thin, symmetrical, the right length, etc.) and there was like, no way to actually... READ COMMENT

The least painful machines are the Apilus machines in flash mode. They are fairly effective. The Blend method is painful in nearly every machine, but it's a faster road to permanent removal. READ COMMENT

I had a consult with Dr. Joseph a long time ago, but I ultimately chose a different doctor (in Washington, DC) to perform my rhinoplasty last year. I looked him up today out of curiosity and read your post. So, I honestly have no bias... READ COMMENT