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I am into my 5th month and so far I have had the surgury, (chin implant & lipo and tightening) and 2 hematomas which I've had to have drained, a portion of my neck cut out from the sticking of the hematomas, more liposuction in my... READ COMMENT

I had a chin implant, liposuction up to my earlobes top and bottom, my double chin sucked out and lipo behind my esophagus and windpipe. They tried to get rid of my jowels also. I had two hematomas form each a week apart so my neck is... READ COMMENT

It is 5 weeks and my neck still feels like a tight turtleneck. Not really any pain. Smile is still crooked and swelling is coming down very slowly. My Doc said to lotion and massage it all twice a day. My Doc didn't say anything... READ COMMENT

I had a chin implant and lots of lipo underneath my chin, up my jowels and up to my earlobes. THey also lipod behind my Adam's apple and I can breathe and swallow better. i also have lots of timgling and can't control my mouth and... READ COMMENT