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Latisse - Not Worth the $$$ - New York

Not only were the results disappointing, but it made my black eyelashes a light/medium brown so they are even less noticeable than before. I am actually going to purchase some dye to try to get them back to black. Not only were there no results, but the base of my lashes where the product is applied became blotchy with tiny broken capillaries. Everyone is different, so it may work... READ MORE

Best Money I've Ever Spent

I had Lasik done about 5-6 years ago and am so happy with the results.  I am now in my forties and have had bad eyesight since childhood with over -5 in each eye.  I had researched this for YEARS before making the decision to go through with it.  I actually would interview patients in the waiting rooms who were there for their follow ups. They gave me a valium to calm me down... READ MORE

Restylane - Good Results but Some Side Effects Later.

PROS - Used it several times to fill out laugh lines and a little on the upper lip which has gotten a bit thin (I'm 45).  Really nice results and lasts a good length of time.  CONS - It travels! Each time I've done it, around 3 months later, I get bumps in different areas of my face--temples, cheek etc.  (They really sullied my complexion)  The only way to get rid of the... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel is Great!

I get them once every month or two. Vitalize peel I believe is a combination of different acids.  Very quick, just a little stinging.  Around 3 days later face looks chapped and flakes a bit but not too bad.  Once you finish peeling your skin looks more radiant.  Also unclogs blackheads etc. by taking off top layer and allowing them to be extracted. READ MORE

Questions from BrunetteNYC

Percentage of Bad Liposuction Results?

Hi. I'm 46 (no kids). I was effortlessly thin...till 41. Gained 10 lbs mostly in middle. One day, I'm sold on Liposuction, the next I read a horrifying review (even with... READ MORE

Liposuction Difficulties for Fibrous People?

I have heard about difficulties with Liposuction for people who are very "fibrous," including more pain and the inability to get at enough fat to show a significant... READ MORE

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Reading these reviews, I am somewhat confused that people give the procedure the "thumbs up" but when you see the photos and hear their story it's negative. Why thumbs up then? READ COMMENT

Hi--I have not had lipo and I don't know you, so maybe I shouldn't comment, however, I felt touched by your story and I know how having a bad image of yourself can dampen every aspect of your life. You say your eating habits are the... READ COMMENT

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