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One Breast Implant Taking Longer to Drop

I am three weeks and 2 days post op under muscle Mentor smooth round moderate profile saline implants of 225 cc filled to 250 cc. I was a full 34B but 41 years old and trying... READ MORE

Singulair for Capsular Contracture Prevention? (photo)

I had Breast Augmentation on Feb. 13 and and took 17 days off of work and have had strap for 10 days (since I went back to work). Still, the right implant is not dropping. It... READ MORE

Afraid to Ask my Doctor Questions Related to Post-op Breast Surgery

I saw PS last Monday which was my four week mark. When I told him I was concerned about the right breast and that it is not dropping, he only looked at me and said "I'm... READ MORE

Detrimental to Wait After 3 Months for Breast Pocket Revision?

I had a Breast Augmentation on 2/13/09. My right breast implant will not drop. I've been massaging 4 times daily, wearing the strap (was advised to wear until my 3-month mark),... READ MORE

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Hi Newme and others with surgeon from Kirkland. I too had a surgeon in Kirkland and one breast never dropped. Really bad communication, almost to a point of verbal abuse. Was told to wait and then told I have to pay to have it fixed.... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the encouragement, although more than a month sounds like hell. It's horrible to either look like you had a stroke or when my eyes are gonig all googly, like I'm just plain whacked out. To know that I did this for vanity... READ COMMENT

Hi, This is my second post asking the few who are reporting the same issue I am having now, droopy eyelid approximately after the injection of Dysport. My clinic said it would probably go away after about 7 to 10 days or I could get... READ COMMENT

Hi, It's been a few months since your injection. I just had my first Dysport injection 1 week and three days ago. 4 days ago my left eyelid started drooping. The clinic said it was probably the Dysport and that it would go away in... READ COMMENT