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Shopfdd lem omuuuussck

I am scheduled to have BA on August 1st. I know it is normal to feel some anxiety and for the most part I am hopeful I will like the outcome. I have never had any plastic surgery or any procedures whatsoever, don't even have pierced ears, so this it huge for me (no pun intended). I goal is to restore volume. I always had D cups but from working out and resculpting my body I have shrunk to B... READ MORE

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Hi, Thanks for the update! I too have been doing just the lower body workouts but last week started doing VERY GENTLY upper body without the weights I usually do. I concur with about everything you wrote- still incredibly sore like... READ COMMENT

WOW what a difference! Really 'falling into place', pardon the pun. You must feel so much better and hopeful. Looks like you are going to be smoking hot sexy in about two more minutes! So sorry your journey has had some speed bumps. READ COMMENT

Your's look like you were born to have them, very natural looking! You look so young, like you are in your late 20's. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! I can't get used to not having to wear a bra- it is wonderful, at least around... READ COMMENT

Hi Kooberry, No typo, just 43 years as a vegan (since age 14), lots of water, a degree in Nutrition and exercising my flat ass off most of my life... Thanks! Doctor says to wait at least two months to buy new bras, have you heard... READ COMMENT

You're welcome, so nice to have women at varying stages to help us know what to expect. Last night I could sleep on either side, Hallelujah! They still ache like they are in that mammogram vise, but little by little, day by day. So... READ COMMENT