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Best Cure For Eyebags? Creams Haven't Helped. Restylane or Fat Transfer? Recommendations?

I hate my under eye bags... What's the best cure for that? I've tried so many expensive creams with no good results. Recently, I went to a consultation and was advised... READ MORE

Is It True That Getting Lipo Multiple Times Can Make the Area(s) Look Worse and Lumpy?

Is it true that getting lipo multiple times can make the area(s) look worse? Lumpy even! READ MORE

Eye Almost Swollen Shut After Restylane, What Can I Do?

Just had restylane injected in my tear troughs yesterday & although I bruised right away, I didn't get swollen too much. I started to notice more swelling about 8 hrs... READ MORE

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@PickettFences--I changed my profile photo to show the difference with Restylane. Unfortunately, I couldnt find a close up photo but it did work wonderfully. Just keep in mind that my bags didnt go away completely but for the most part,... READ COMMENT

@PickettFences-- I will definitely post some soon.. READ COMMENT

Hi deoressedmess-- they injected the needle in several places under the eye and kinda rt above the cheekbone. They had me I've like 3 minutes before and I iced for days after as well. The swelling went down after about 4-5 days thanks... READ COMMENT

Finally got it done last week and although it was a scary experience, 4 days later, the swelling is gone and I have that extra boost of confidence I needed. I did swell up a lOt though and honestly, it scared me so much because one eye... READ COMMENT

Wow.. Nice to know there are several others around my age dealing with this same issue. I hate my eyes!!! My bags are herendouz. I have tried all the expensive eye creams advertised with no results. I had a consultation and I was given... READ COMMENT