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Smart Lipo Triplex Dr. Melanie Carreon Seguin, Tx

Dr. Carreon did such a great job with my smart lipo triplex. More than pleased. I no longer am able to grab my pouch! Only thing that I should have done was wear my garnet for the recommended time because of it slowing down the process of swelling. Smart lipo triplex was done to my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and bra roll. READ MORE

550cc Natrelle Inspira Style 20 Under Muscle - Austin, TX

Sooo it's been almost 2 months, I've been wanting a breast aug for over 10-12 yrs. Current weight 178lbs(4 kids) never got bigger than a B. Not exactly What I expected, kinda wish I went larger but Im kinda chunky so I'm sure it would look even more lovely if I were back to what I was before last kid Disappointed because the Dr was question the diameter of the implant and he went ahead and... READ MORE

Questions from Jessica78666

Does this appear to be symmastia? 2 months post-op breast lift with implants.

Had BAM 2 months ago. Had issues with incisions, one got a hole and drainage with some blood(no puss) 2 weeks after procedure, was told it was spitting suture, 2-3 weeks later... READ MORE

Recommended time to start working out after BAM?

It's been about 7 1/2 weeks since my BAM under the muscle. What's the recommended time to start working out and how about wearing a bra? My PS says I can wear a bra already but... READ MORE

Base of implant too wide? Warmth between breast wearing a bra. Breast Aug on 10/17/16 (Photo)

Hi there, I just want some insight... I got BAM on 10/17/16 and I have "tenting" between the breast(by what nurse said) when I wear a bra, my breast get really warm and slight... READ MORE

What causes warmth between breasts when wearing a bra? (Photo)

I had my implants done mid October 2016. Natrelle style 20 silicone implants. 525cc. It gets warm between the breast if I wear a bra like immediately and feels kind of sore. I... READ MORE

Why does my skin stay lifted between breast while standing and flat laying down? (photo)

I had BAM in October 2016. I'm sitting up and the skin between breast appears tented and I can push it down and it's all right between the breast. When I lay down, skin is flat... READ MORE

What exactly causes the lumps after Smart Lipo triplex?

I have hardened areas on my abdomen. I literally have the whole lower portion of my belly (the part that would technically be hanging over pants) that is hard. It's not here... READ MORE

Could I gotten cleavage based on my before picture with a breast aug, still no cleavage after breast aug? (Photos)

Was hoping for cleavage with BA but didn't end up with any. When I wear a push up or bra higher in the middle to help separate breast, still no cleavage. my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Tenting 10 months S/P BAM. Can I get it fixed and are there larger implant with smaller width of base? (photo)

Had a BAM 10/2016, MD questioned the width of implant after he recommended it to me but remeasured and said it will work. I know I dont have symmastia because I can push my... READ MORE

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Thank you Jennacatt, I do need to go to a follow up. READ COMMENT

They seem small at the moment but they will still drop a be more fuller at the bottom. READ COMMENT