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Holy Crap, that's a whole lotta bottay!! lol This by far is the best combination of projection and contour that i've seen Dr. M do. Congrats girl, you look amazing! READ COMMENT

Ok im happy to hear that, It kind of makes me feel a bit better about spending 12K with him... READ COMMENT

Hey Bottomup, i actually have the same exact question haha... I want to go to him for hips, but unlike you, Im not starting out with any. READ COMMENT

Your new pics look amazing btw, your filling out really well!!!! I admit, i want realllly wide hips, and im scared he wont give me them either:( the other person im considering is Dr. Markmann, but that's $18K and he assured me he... READ COMMENT

Hi BootyHappy, I dont see your pics either, did you remove them? Please repost as I am deeply considering dr M to contour me some new wide hips!! Thanks. READ COMMENT