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Getting my Nose Fixed Next Month After Trama - Chicago, IL

Hello, Due to an accident I have been looking to get my nose fixed as I don’t feel comfortable with how it turned out after all was healed. I have a nice size bump on my nose now and my profile looks terrible. Most everyone I know says I should not do it but I just cannot deal with looking at my pictures. It’s almost like I have aged over night due to this bump. As a kid I always had... READ MORE

Questions from DoYourResearch

Rhinoplasty - Skin Draping and Shrinking over a New Nose?

About a month ago I had a closed rhinoplasty to remove a nice size bump, narrow my nose, shorten the tip, and upturn the tip just a little bit. My entire life I have had a bump... READ MORE

Oily Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Its been a month since my rhinoplasty and since the cast removal my nose has been extremely oily. I have tried just about anything as far as makeup/facial and although it... READ MORE

In Office Correction and Revision Options?

What kind of corrections/procedures can be done after rhinoplasty and how soon after the the first surgery? Can bones be re-adjusted, cartilage added, etc.? What can a surgeon... READ MORE

Question About Splints and Packing After Rhinoplasty?

Do all surgeons put splints into a nose after rhinoplasty that consisted of breaking bones, removing a bump from the top of the nose, making the nose narrower, and straighten... READ MORE

Bones Reset After Rhinoplasty?

How soon after rhinoplasty can bones be reset? I am 6 weeks post op and you can tell that the bones are uneven. Can this be done sooner than 6 months? What procedure can be... READ MORE

Dermal Fat Graft for Touch Up After Primary Rhinoplasty?

My surgeon wants to use dermal fat graft from behind my ear to fill an area on the side of the bridge closer to the poly beak after my original rhinoplasty. It appears to have... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Touch-Up?

When is it appropriate to do a touch up after original rhinoplasty? My doctor is considering doing rasping of the bone on one side of my nose and adding dermal fat graft to the... READ MORE

Why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut?

Hello, I wanted to know why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut? What are the reasons? What does it do to the structure of the nose,... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Doctors?

How do you know if someone is specializing in revision rhinoplasty? Besides looking for a double board certified surgeon how do you truly know that surgeon is A)Specializing in... READ MORE

Tongue-In-Groove Vs. Cartilaginous Columellar Strut?

Why would you use Tongue-in-Groove vs. Columellar Strut? What is the difference, what outcome, and which technique is better? When and why would you use one technique over the... READ MORE

Cartilage Behind Ear Vs. Inside Ear?

I am going to have a revision in the next month and I saw 3 surgeons. I need to have cartilage added to the side of my nose from the supratip all the way to the bone. One... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Osteotomy Risks?

Hello, I am in the process of looking for a revision surgeon. I have seen 6 surgeons and 4 out of 6 wanted to shift my one or both bones a little. I had osteotomy done with... READ MORE

Morph for Revision?

Can someone please tell me why my original surgeon doesn't want to do a morph of a revision of my nose that didn't turn out well to begin with? Other surgeons I consulted with... READ MORE

How soon after a revision rhinoplasty can an indent on the side of the bridge be filled? Can it be done under local?

There is a small indent on the side of the bridge where the skin was repaired two years ago after an accident and being hit there. The nose over all looks decent but that one... READ MORE

Lifting tip and possibly shave off a little bit of alar cartilage on one side of the nose or adding alar graft after revision?

Can a tip be lifted and a little bit of alar cartilage shaved off on one side under local or is this something that has to be done under general? I want my tip lifted very... READ MORE

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Dr Regan Thomas - Revision

Does anyone have an experience with Dr. Regan Thomas in Chicago?  I have seen him twice already and find him very conservative surgeon and very nice.  However I was... READ MORE

Dr. Stephen Perkins for Revision

I would like to get a feedback on Dr. Stephen Perkins. I am looking for a good surgeon to perform a revision and would like to go to a revision specialist not someone who does... READ MORE

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He is not Madden! Stop promoting him. Do you work for him? The only posts you post is promoting Davis. And not one single post about anything else. Today alone you have posted 5 posts promoting him. This is just sad very sad that a... READ COMMENT

And here you are again promoting Davis. You have total of 4 posts and every one of them trolling for unhappy patients on this site and promoting Davis. Shame on you! READ COMMENT

So all you do on this site is promote Davis? Unbelievable, I cannot believe how many trolls are I'm both sites promoting him. After my extensive research and consultation with Davis he is not what he is out to be. READ COMMENT

Hi there, If I were you I would be asking for him to show you pictures of his prior patients with similar noses as yours. I would not go with the doctor simply because he is in the big hospital and that he promises you the world. A... READ COMMENT

But is your breathing any better? Still your case is too little to take for any attorney trust me. READ COMMENT