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Thanks for letting us know. I know how you feel cuz I also have a nitemare story to air. READ COMMENT

Oh, you got that done in South Korea??? Your doctor is great good,but I heard from a korean friend of mine that most korea women get doiuble eyelids there and this is why the plastic surgeon's there are so good cuz they had a lot of... READ COMMENT

I am trying to see what you are complaining about, but I don't see it. From looking at your after photos you look very good. You probably haven't seen bad eyelid surgery before???? I have and I am one of the unlucky one that got... READ COMMENT

May I ask how old you are??? You look very young. READ COMMENT

The before photo you look asian, but the afterward one you don't. I had really bad eyelids done by a surgeon that advertised a lot on youtube., lcoal magazines, etc. He is a total fake with no experience. He put in crows fee for me... READ COMMENT