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You look amazing !!!Sorry I know you are in pain and you could probably care less but You look great !!! READ COMMENT

Wow I hope you start feeling better soon pain is horrible to deal with it makes me grumpy ! Thanks for the detailed review it really helps the more we know the better !! READ COMMENT

Most of his results have been amazing and I think once we make it official with the deposit we start second guessing there are some amazing doctors and I thinks its who has the results you are looking for that you should go with your... READ COMMENT

You look amazing great results made me check his website out I was going to get the tummytuck w bbl but my doctor stopped doing them :( and I know I need both so Im doing the bbl first your doctor does amazing work can you tell me whats... READ COMMENT

Wow God bless you! I'm freakingg out I'm getting. Same thing as you bbl and tt I have three beautiful boys and I'm so scared of something going wrong :(I hope u are doing better and I will have you in my prayers READ COMMENT