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How much did the whole procedure cost was 3500 with anesthesia or no? btw it looks great READ COMMENT

What was wrong with your nose it was beautiful and that also can just be swelling. You could try to put some cortisone cream on the outside of the nose or preparation h which removes excess water and will give you a feel of what the... READ COMMENT

I think it looks better than the way it did 100 percent. But if your not happy with It after a year then you can go for a revision and I am pretty sure if you go back to the same doc they will not charge you for it you'll probably only... READ COMMENT

A few of my friends had surgery on their noses. One of my friends went to Dr Constantinides her nose looks great but I know hes more expensive than some other surgeons and I am sure this is because of how experienced he is and it also... READ COMMENT

My friend who had surgery was going to go to him he sounds like a good doctor generally you should speak with him for a consult and if you like him and are comfortable go ahead with it. I also know two other plastic surgeons to... READ COMMENT