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Wish I Had Gone to a Plastic Surgeon for This - The Woodlands, TX

I had Cool Lipo done on my abs, flanks, and thighs in 2009. I have some good results and it definitely removed fat, but I truly wish I had gone to a plastic surgeon. My biggest complaint was my poochie stomach area just below my belly button that would never go away no matter how thin I got. That is gone. HOWEVER, I have been left with lumps and bumps and all kinds of bizarre looking terrain... READ MORE

Hated It - Does Not Help with Fine Lines

I had a TCA peel about 2 years ago. While I will agree that it did even out my skin tone, I was not remotely prepared for what it would do to my face. I was swollen, my face turned to puss (not infected, just chemically burned skin that turned to mush on my face) that hurt terribly. I looked like a nightmare for about 4 days. I was not warned that I could not go to work for several... READ MORE

LOVED Laser Hair Removal and Would Do It Again if I Needed It! - The Woodlands, TX

First you need to know that you CANNOT get results from laser hair removal in just a few treatments. You must go for the entire package, in 6-week intervals (because of hair growth cycles), and you will probably have to go for more after that. All the people who complained about the results who did not finish the initial package or follow up with maintenance treatments are not good sources of... READ MORE

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A "plastic surgeon" is not just a title, but a guarantee that the doctor has undertaken intensive training in the medical area at issue - in this case, cosmetic medicine and surgery. They spent a significant amount of time training on... READ COMMENT

P.S. - the scar caused by the family practitioner was from injecting Juvederm too close to the surface of my skin. Not a good thing on the face, is it? Lesson LEARNED by this lady!! READ COMMENT

If you guys want to go to a chiropractor for body sculpting, and to family practitioners for Juvederm, and to the cheapest provider for Botox, those are all your options, and you should be smart enough to realize you are taking a risk.... READ COMMENT

I don't understand why anyone would go to a chiropractor for this kind of treatment. I'm not surprised it didn't work - chiropractors are not properly educated or trained in body sculpting techniques or equipment. READ COMMENT