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Lacrimal Gland Mistakenly Removed?

Can a lacrimal gland be mistakenly removed thru an eyelid lift? How common is this problem? Is there any test that can be done to see if the glands are still in? Thank you very... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Revise Lower Lid Retraction Due to Previous Blepharoplasty Operation?

I suffer from lower lid retraction due to a blepharoplasty; and most problematic is my painful and severe dry eye due to MGD. Are the muscles that are intermingled with the... READ MORE

Could the Squeezing Ability of Meibomian Glands Get Directly Impacted by the Removal of Muscle & Fat After Blepharoplasty?

Could the squeezing ability of the meibomian glands get directly impacted by the removal of muscles & fat attached to the under eye fatty tissue during a blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Can a Lower-lid Retraction Be Improved by Performing a Mid-face Lift Through the Mouth?

Could a mid-face lift by performed via the mouth in order to correct lower lid retraction by providing support -- and possibly increase volume of my hollow cheek area? Any... READ MORE

Can Low Lids Retraction After Eye Lids Plastic Surgery Contribute to MGD ?

Are you aware of any data indicating that ocular surface inflammation (as a result of queous tear deficiency) directly causes MGD? My concern is that lack of tears. i have a... READ MORE

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Dear Dr.Steinsepir what is the cost involves to see you at your office ? READ COMMENT

Dear Dr.Kenneth, What is the costs involved to see you at your office ? READ COMMENT