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Jaw Reduction, is Botox a Permanent Solution?

About jaw reduction, is botox injection permanent or not? because some say yes and no. Also, about the masseter shaving, the surgical operation, what are the risk, the result?... READ MORE

Chin Surgery, Jaw Reduction? Which Should Go First?

If I do both, which should be done first? The jaw reduction will be made through muscle shaving. Thanks READ MORE

Is it possible to raise the medial canthus?

Hi, I have a really low medial canthus, and I'd like to raise it, what are the possible procedure? than you READ MORE

Would I benefit from temporal implants? (photo)

I Wonder if I would gainfrom temporal implant or anything similar? Also, how can the incision be made? Since I'm starting to be bald, I would need it not to be seen... I'd like... READ MORE

I have a weak gonial angle. If I really just want my jaw angle to be lower is it possible? (photo)

Hi! I have a weak gonial angle, on the side, but in the front view, my jaw is wide enough. If I really just want my jaw angle to be lower is it possible? withouth increasing... READ MORE

Forehead not wide enough. Any suggestions? (photos)

As you can see, I have a flat forehead, it's not wide enough. Is there a way to have a more continus face? Picture in the left is me, I used red circle to show what I find... READ MORE

Prominent forehead reduction for bald people?

I have a proeminent forehead (the whole forehead, not just the brow ridge) I read it was possible to blurr it maybe by 5mm. I didn't put pictures, because it's a question that... READ MORE

When removing braces, will the lips move forward?

Simple question, I noticed that before I had braces, my lips where backward to my chin. Now the lips are way in front of the chin. I know that the teeth movement may have... READ MORE

Can a cheek implant be shaved?

I had implant to both cheek. One side is more out on the right side, really visible. If I want to achieve symetry, will I need a custom implant or is it possible to shave the... READ MORE

Is is possible to lower the outer upper eyelid? (Photo)

I have circle in red the upper eyelid I would like to lower. What would be the surgery for this if possible? READ MORE

Cranofacial surgery for dark eyes. Any suggestions?

I read on a forum that for dark eyes, eyes can be move forward, and the socket I believe... by a cranofacial surgeon. I'd like to just know more about it, and the risk of... READ MORE

Pull eye forward?

I want to know if it's possible to move eyesocket forward for someone who has deep eyes. I posted a similar question, but I got mostly response and other solution. What I want... READ MORE

Temporal filler in Montréal?

I'm searching to have temporal filler in Montréal. What are the costs, and how often must it be redone? READ MORE