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Fat Transfer - 10 Months out - New York, NY

My results are mixed, but keep in mind I am very, very picky. When I look around here I have to say that I faired very well, which makes me sad to say because I really feel terrible about others who now don't want to show their face. I had fat transfer done ~10 months ago. Age/sex is late... READ MORE

Questions from Mike_M

How Does a Face Age?

Late 20 year old male here, main change since teenager I see is the jaw definition. I do see more fat under my chin as well. My face overall looks more feminine. The skin is... READ MORE

Puffy White Edema Caused by Deep Masses Under Lower Eyelids?

I'm in my 20's. Had fat transfer 1yr ago. I did get 3 small cysts I can feel but cannot see under my eyes. Recently saw it is a bit more white and puffy under my eyes. I felt... READ MORE

Dermal fillers and vertical lift, truth or fiction?

Aging of the SMAS is complex, but repeated often by doctors is the position of the malar mounds eminence sliding down, some say toward the nose, as early as 25 some say. Many... READ MORE

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Yep, that is what doctors will say, it is amazing to me they -never- seem to have heard about any negative result like others have...that is, until a procedure becomes obsolete and replaced and generally-accepted as bad within the... READ COMMENT

Typical. Almost no doctors will take blame for these matters. They will say any of the usual responses.. "Oh well the clock keeps ticking, you most likely just aged 10 years... in 3 months.. yep.. must be." "Have you been having a lot... READ COMMENT

It destroyed fat on your neck and all around your face, it was replaced with fluid around your eyes and malar region, likely as a result of trauma. Those regions are very prone to that, and it will make eyes look terrible and old. ... READ COMMENT

And then there is the story of the woman who had bone start growing in to her eye after stem cells. :) READ COMMENT

I'm amazed at those that don't see all the rapid changes.. Ptosis doesn't happen that quickly without huge volume loss.. any sagging is from a sudden loss of volume and damage to fibers. The volume loss shown is amazing, every part of... READ COMMENT