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Fillers in Cheek & Nose - Wellesley, MA

Amazing! I had rhinoplasty several years ago and feel one side of my nose sinks in. Dr. Chung helps to contour my nose with filler. She doesn't overdo it or try to sell you anything! She used the remainder of the filler on my cheeks and I absolutely love it! Professional. Friendly! Highly recommend. Wouldn't go anywhere else. READ MORE

Totally Worth It - Wellesley, MA

I had non surgical rhinoplasty to improve the rhinoplasty I had in March of this year. The right side of my nose was getting more indented as my nose was healing while my left side was straight and perfect. I noticed this happening more and more over the last few months making my nose look asymmetrical. I was mostly happy with my original rhinoplasty but the volume loss on my right side was... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty - Worcester, MA

Don't do it! I had restylane injected under my eyes after a successful rhinoplasty. DO NOT DO IT! The doctor who injected me did it too superficially, and after a month I knew the blue I was noticing under my eyes was no longer swelling/bruising but the product itself. You can literally run your fingers under my eyes and feel the bumbs and watch it move. It's disgusting, and now I am left... READ MORE

Excellent! Worth it. Rhinoplasty - Worcester, MA

After years of wanting to fix the bump on my nose, I finally decided to research doctors and go ahead with Rhinoplasty. I made the decision and scheduled surgery within a month. I decided on Dr. Fechner based on several things: experience, consultation & friendly staff. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the doctor as well as the atmosphere. I also was very impressed with someone... READ MORE

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Rhinoplasty in March - left with an indentation on the left side of my nose

I had Rhinoplasty in March to remove the hump from my nose, and now one side looks very different than the other. The right side of my nose looks perfect. The left side has an... READ MORE

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2 years for non permanent? No way.. mine last 2 months, maybe. I have had to have 3 visits for permanent filler because they are doing it so slowly to ensure it's done properly. Not good for the wallet, but worth it. READ COMMENT

I had my Rhino in March and I have my first fillers in November. I just had my second treatment of silikon, and already see a huge improvement. You don't see the results until a month out, but I am happy with the results so far. I think... READ COMMENT

Make sure if you do it, you do it with someone who does the droplet technique... basically they put small VERY conservative drops in. Which means you will most likely need a second injection, but at least you aren't over filled and can... READ COMMENT

I did not have any injections in my tip... but slightly above my tip and then at the top of the bridge. I never noticed anything different that day or any day after. I had swelling after the injection from the needle but that was gone... READ COMMENT

Don't go for a revision. Just go for the filler! It's so worth it in my opinion. I had volume loss on one side of my nose (which is normal) and the permanent filler has been GREAT. My doctor used Silikon 1000, and now over a month later... READ COMMENT