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Transaxillary and Use of Keller Funnel with Silicone Implants. Is This For Me? Will it Look and Feel Natural? (photo)

Hi I am looking to get silicone implants ( no more than 330 ccs). I would like to have it through the armpit and under the muscle. There a few doctor that have experience with... READ MORE

Will I Have Squishy Breast? My Friend Said No Implants Feel This Way? (photo)

Ok so I have kind of squishy breast(big A/ tiny B) 300ccs or lower( think it said 275 or 285 moderate plus on the paper) I would like to be a medium-small C. Even a BIG B is... READ MORE

Partially Under the Muscle Vs (Fully) Under the Muscle For Silicone Implants Pros and Cons?

What is the difference and the pros and cons of each. I want these for silicone implants with the armpit incision. Thanks in advance READ MORE

Female Ejaculation Truth?

Ok I feel weird asking this but I hear so many different things. I want a professional's word. I just really want to know 1. can all females 'squirt' and what does... READ MORE

Under or over the Muscle? (photo)

OK I have a few questions about these placements. I really want my breast to sag like normal breast, and I don't want them to be perky. I dont want to go over 300cc either.... READ MORE

Can Implant Look Real or Just Natural? (photo)

I'm having the hardest time finding a surgeon that I feel will give me exactly what I want. Honestly,, most of the augmented breast I've seen doesn't look real(maybe natural... READ MORE

Is Monobenzy Etherl Hydroquinone Same to Use for Lightening Skin? (photo)

I've used hydroquinone for a while and I am not getting the results I want. I want to get Monobenzy etherl Hydroquinone but I am worried that I may become too light(Like... READ MORE

Is there a Doctor in the US or Canada that help with skin whitening? (photos)

I want to be lightened at least 3 shades. Its frustrating because i see places where darkening skin is available but not whitening/lightening. I dont want to hear how to... READ MORE

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Thanks for posting!! yours loook just like mine. Im hoping my nipples go up more READ COMMENT

Omg Ii want this guy more than ever but that prices is hurting me!! Dang I may just go overseas. READ COMMENT

They are the same color! READ COMMENT