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Could Upper Lateral Cartilage of Moved with the Slightest of Pressure?

2 days after my splint was removed (8 days post opp) I was trying to wipe the side of my nose (as it was sticky from an external metal plate splint). I was being very gentle... READ MORE

Nose Hit 4 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty. It is Likely Thats it's Been Knocked Out of Place?

My friend accidentally bashed my nose with his head (almost 4 weeks post opp) it wasn't the hardest of head buts but it hurt and I felt something squeeze. On the outside it... READ MORE

Lower alar cartilage hangs lower than other side but shifts into place when pushed up gently.

After a rhinoplasty a few years ago the lower alar cartilage (where it bends back and rests parallel to the septum) on one side is slightly lower and kind of crosses a bit over... READ MORE