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Can Facial Scars from Surgery (Eg Blepharoplasty) Be Reduced, Disguised or Healed Better?

I am a 46 yr male having upper + lower blepharoplasty (and brow lift above one eye recommended by doc) and would like if possible to reduce the visibility of scars around my... READ MORE

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Hi again - I know what you feel about now looking how you 'imagined' yourself to look like - sometimes I only saw the 'good me' in an occassional picture but in a lot of unexpected photos I thought I looked quite bad - but now I see... READ COMMENT

Hi there - you look fab! well done - I had mine done too 3 months ago and I'm quite v happy too! It's made an amazing difference to how you look - you looked fine before but now you look really good :) READ COMMENT

Hi there - yes, I'm having tyhe itching and blurriness from tear type liquid often over the eyes - but happy to put up with this kind of stuff if the eyes continue to mend back to a normal ish look - bags n hoods are gone but I now have... READ COMMENT

Thanks 7kids - ~I'm day 12 today -they have calmed down a lot - and the bags n hoods are gone/better but I seem to have swopped them for big scars / foldl lines at the corners, which dont look great either. I'm hoping they reduce and... READ COMMENT

Hi Mark - did the width size of your eyes (the hole) eventually go back to the original size / width, whilst feeling looking narrower in the early post op phase? Ie do you 'corners' stay in the same place or do the put in stitches to... READ COMMENT