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Is It Okay to Do Chemical Peel if U Are Allergic to Salicylic Acid

I used st. ives for my acne and it has salicylic acid which made my skin irritated and kind of got red. so is it okay to do a chemical peel even if it has salicylic acid?? READ MORE

Can Chemical Peel Get Rid of Acne and Deep Craters?

Can it get rid of acne and acne scars once and for all? READ MORE

What Can U Do to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Acne?

I have lots of marks on my face plus I have lots of holes caused by acne on my face. I have tried multiple products such as proactiv,clindoxyl gel and aczone but none of them... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? (photo)

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? READ MORE

When Can I Wash my Face After a Chemical Peel?

I just got a 30% glycolic acid peel, and my doctor gave me a post peel cream to use it for 2 days so when can i wash my face? after two days or anytime i want? READ MORE

When Can I Excercise After a Chemical Peel?

2 days i got a glycolic peel 30 % so is it okay to exercise or do i have to wait a week? READ MORE

Does Polysporin Work Acne Scars?

Last year i got a cut on my forehead and it left a deep scar, then my doctor told me to use polysporin and i used it and the scar disappeared after a month. so i was wondering... READ MORE

My Skin is Dry and Tight, What Should I Do?

My skin has become really dry and tight at the same time, and its because i use aczone at morning and differin gel at night my dermatologist told me to. so what should i do? READ MORE

Is It Bad to Shave if U Have Acne Scars?

I havent shaved with razor for couple of months i have been using a beard trimmer, so does shaving your facial hair make your acne scars worse?? READ MORE

Do Chemicals Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I had glycolic peel 30 % a month ago by my dermatologist for acne scars, and it didnt have any effect, i didnt see any improvements at all so i got another appointment for... READ MORE

Redness and Dryness After Chemical Peel?

I got a glycolic 50% chemical peel about 8 days ago and there is still redness and dryness on my face what should i do?? READ MORE

I Got A 50% Chemical Peel and I Don't See Any Results?

2 days ago i got 50 % chemical peel from the dermatologist and my skin is still the same, nothing happened why?? READ MORE

Acne Scars and Tomato?

Couple of months ago i used tomato pulp on my acne scars and it worked great, then i went to the dermatologist and i got a chemical peel(50%). 2 weeks later after the peel i... READ MORE

Vitamin E Cream for Acne Scars?

I have acne and acne scars.From time to time i get a chemical peel but i was wondering is vitamin E cream/oil safe to use and is it effective to get rid of scars on my face? READ MORE

Chemical Peel Safe During Winter?

I have some scars and acne and the last time i did a chemical peel was 3 months ago. i live in canada and the winter just started so im wondering is it safe to do a chemical... READ MORE

Creams for Skin Dryness and is Ponds Safe?

My skin has been really dry and i started to use PONDS creme and it made my skin red and itchy. what kind of creme is best for skin dryness?? and should i get a chemical peel... READ MORE

Face Red and Burning During Exercise (Couple of Days After Getting a Chemical Peel)?

I got a %70 chemical peel 3 days ago and today i started exercising and my face got all red and had this burning sensation, is this bad?? and when is it okay to start exercising?? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I have acne scars left and i did chemical peel glycolic 4 times by my dermatlogist and over the four times my skin improved it got rid of most of the acne and the scars but my... READ MORE

Skin Keeps Getting Dry and Its Forming Lines and Scars What Should I Do?

3 weeks ago i got a 70% glycolic peel and now everytime i take a shower my skin gets really dry and tight,and i use ponds dry cream on my face and it doesnt really work so what... READ MORE

Hydrocortisone Cream for Dry Skin and Tightness?

My skin is dry and tight 3-4 weeks after i did a glycolic peel 70% i tried different moisturizers and it didnt have any effect so i went to my dermatologist and he prescribed... READ MORE

Olive Oil for Acne Scars?

I did a chemical peel 70% glycolic and now i still have some acne and acne scars so before the chemical peel i used to apply olive oil and it made my scars lighter so now im... READ MORE

Aloe Vera Good for Small Scars and Shrink Your Pores?

For the past year i have done about 4 glycolic peels from 30 to 70% the last time i did it was 3 months ago and i still have some scars left so im wondering is aloe vera... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Dry and Dead Skin?

So I have done 4 chemical peels for acne and scars over the past 10 months and now my skin is really dry and looks all crusty and cracked lol so im wondering what should i do?... READ MORE