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32, Athletic, Small Frame, Inner thigh Liposuction 500 CC total - Walnut Creek, CA

I'm 5ft 4in tall and I was a former gymnast for my entire life. I have a large amount of muscle on me, but my thighs never slim down. I am hoping to have a small ( half an inch) gap between my thighs. I am hoping for a leaner look. I want a conservative amount taken out and I am very nervous about the outter lipo because I do not want a square butt or to look like a man. Also, very nervous... READ MORE

Questions from amy84

Will inner and outer lipo give me a square butt and look like a man or will it improve my feminine shape? (photos)

I have a surgery schedule for December 14th. I have a small frame, decent amount of muscle ( used to be a gymnast) and I'm still very active at my age ( 32). Will this affect... READ MORE

If a small amount of fat is removed from inner thighs, will fat distribution change dramatically with 5-10 lb. gain? (Photo)

My inner thighs touch ( wanting a gap). I am nervous that the small amount of inner thigh fat will cause a belly to form in me ( when I am I currently proportionate. If 5-10... READ MORE

Can you have your period (active bleeding) or be about to have your period during Liposuction? (photo)

I think I might be on my period during my procedure! I'm anxious and not sure if this is a problem or will result in issues. READ MORE

Can athletes with low blood pressure or fast metabolisms be a risk for death during general surgery?

I have to eat every few hours or I feel sick/panic/dizzy. I also have 100/69 reading for blood pressure. I am nervous for my surgery. How can I fast for 12 hours?? It seems... READ MORE

Swollen as soon as garment has been taken off and resuming exercise normal?

I look like I didn't have anything done, but at 5 weeks ( took garment off at 6 weeks) I looked great and thighs were thin, now that garment is off -- 8 weeks now total post... READ MORE

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Aww thank you! He is an amazing surgeon. A perfectionist, really! My legs are smooth even if I was to flex and I am very happy with the contour. I am an athletic body type and petite so he matched my legs to my body as opposed to other... READ COMMENT

Hi sorry I did a major leg workout and swollen not the best time to take a photo, I resumed exactly at 6 weeks and by 7 weeks I was running but I was sore. However, your I'll get very swollen for 6 months ( I still swell after a serious... READ COMMENT

Thank you! Highly recommend this surgeon READ COMMENT