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Dr. Perry. Check out barbz1 review. I don't think she had necrosis but she did have dimples. Perry fixed them and told her the were the result of bad technique. READ COMMENT

I went to Salama as well. I glacé fat necrosis too but it isn't that bad. I'm not in pain. I do have some dents that I plan on getting fixed eventually when I have time to take off from work and go through that procedure again. ... READ COMMENT

I went to Salama and have fat necrosis too. He really needs to work on his technique. I have some dimples but not too bad. I still have one hard spot on my left cheek. Salama said give it 1 yr to correct itself then call about a... READ COMMENT

I think you should go ahead and have the lap band surgery, lose that weight first and then have the bbl. I think if you do things in that order you will come out with the body you really want. The lap band surgery will cause you to eat... READ COMMENT

Well said! Some people are so mean spirited. The whole point of a blog is to share your PERSONAL opinion and experiences. I will never understand why some people get so offended when a person expresses their opinion or experience with... READ COMMENT