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Two put together is supposed to act as a sports bra and i fuond two supportive but i bought a cheaper one which wasnt the genie brand and it was shite!! so make sure its the genie brand and get two :) or i put them under my surgical bra... READ COMMENT

Also, my parents friends are in the medical field and they told me to look into getting hold of some silicone dressings. These are sticky bits of silicone that go on the scars (they make breast reduction anchor shaped ones specially for... READ COMMENT

Okay so my comments are being published?! but my surgical bra was absolutely killing me aswell on the bottom scar so i bought two soft t shirt bra's known in the uk as 'genie' bras and wore them underneath to pad it and now i ma fine so... READ COMMENT

Thanks :) i dont drive but i defo wouldnt be up for it. Im feeling pretty sorry for muself atm, day 3 post of the overall pain is better but the incision pain is worse. And im so bored of lounging around! I hope i feel better soon! READ COMMENT

Oh and i didnt have any drains put in :) READ COMMENT