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How do I convince them? I'm so worked up.

I've hated my nose all my life-it is the only problem I've ever had. I have been picked on horribly since I was young, but never told my parents. What could be done... READ MORE

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Thank you for being so sweet! I am so happy that I found this site, and was able to talk to all of you. You all offered such wonderful advice, so much better then I could have hoped for! Thank you very much for the compliment! Often of... READ COMMENT

Thank you guys for the comments! It's almost as though you were both following my mind the past couple of days! Though I hate it, and I'm upset and feel awful when I look in the mirror, getting it done RIGHT NOW is just not realistic. I... READ COMMENT

It hasn't really progressed:( I approached him, and while he understood where I was coming from and why I wanted it, we don't know what to do about money. I told him I do not expect him to chip in anything at all. I would cover half... READ COMMENT

Thank you so very much! I decided (Maybe this isn't the best) just now that I will get this done, either way. I need to make a choice for myself. While it may seem like a 'money hole' I realized that the precedure wouldn't even cost me... READ COMMENT

Thank you SO much for your kind comment! It has helped me so much. I decided that, while confronting my father tonight, I'm not going to walk in with a "Can I do this?" attitude. I will instead walk in with a, "I AM doing this, and I am... READ COMMENT