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Doing Something for Myself! - Minnesota

Like so many women on this site, I have had huge breasts since puberty. I feel like when you look at me all you see is breasts, when I move, breasts, try on clothes, breasts, it is like they have taken over my whole existence. I am also very short waisted so that adds to the misery. I have wanted a br for several years, but fear kept me from it. But now the pain is driving me to it. Having... READ MORE

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Hi Piggles, just had to chuckle about your pre-op bra purchase. I bought bras before my surgery too, when they came in the mail I looked at them and said "yeah, right" like those will EVER fit. But they DO! and I felt soo guilty... READ COMMENT

Hi westcoast, yeah, I think it is a common problem (so much pressure on an incision) but I want to feel relief instead of worry...let us know what your ps's nurse says... READ COMMENT

"chubby chick with knee boobs" LOL! too funny. I agree, I have not "bonded" either but I love the relief from pain of large breasts. I think for me anyway, I will feel much better once I have NO pain, or irritation or discomfort. I... READ COMMENT

Hi Deka, welcome, you will get so much comfort from this site! It seems you have surfed enough you should be feeling confident (for today lol) I just wanted to mention, I had gallbladder surgery about 4 or 5 years ago and had trouble... READ COMMENT

Oh, my Gosh, Piggles I just had to comment on this one, yeah people kept saying that to me too...are you sure? NO, I am not sure, I just thought I would have a doctor filet my breasts just for the heck of it. or how about this one "you... READ COMMENT