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What is the Best Way to Remove Tattoo Eyebrows? (photo)

The pigments contain iron oxide (medium brown) . I have heard of dermabrasion, I have heard of tattooing substances into them and I know that qswitched lasers may not have... READ MORE

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How does your story end? Did you have any luck removing the tattoo and, if so, which method/s did you use? I can see in the profile pic that they are really uneven & can understand your disappointment with this result. An eyebrow... READ COMMENT

.. @ Geegee2774 Hindsight is eyes in the bum. I've since learnt that pigments tattoo'd into the skin are unregulated, may contain metals, might be carcinogenic, may cause allergic reactions or sensitivity responses in recipients and... READ COMMENT

How many laser treatments did it take in total? If you don't mind me asking, how faded were your tattoos before you began laser and was the pigment a "cool" color? Mine are ashy, purply, blue/ brown - one is higher and thicker -... READ COMMENT

Hi Sunflower, I like light at the end of a tunnel but I'm still in a dark place. Thankyou for the information .. and I'm so happy that your result was such a positive one. SY214, You were brave to laser! I'm glad that you also... READ COMMENT