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Ectropian and Retraction Post-Blepharoplasty...Temporary?

I have just seen my PS for a 1 month post op check following a lower blepharoplasty. I raised my concern about a slight ectropian on the rims of both eyes. He somewhat... READ MORE

Should I Fear the Possibility of Arterial Occlusion with Juvederm Injection?

I had a vein tied off under my eye, leaving a small scar laterally to my eye. My PS injected it with steroids when he noticed an undisolved stitch. About two weeks later I was... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollowness Following Lower Bleph?

Six months following a lower bleph I have developed hollows on the outside corners of my eyes. The area is the actual fat pads right under my rims and not the tear trough and... READ MORE

Are There Dangers with Under Eye Filler?

After hollowness following a lower bleph, I decided to fill with restylane. The hollowness is actually in the fat pads under eyes laterally, not tear trough. I used a reputable... READ MORE

Options for Returning Ligated Vein After Under Eye Filler?

5 months ago I had restylane placed in orbital septum area for hollowness after a lower bleph. Not perfect results but I think I can wait it out. During the injection a vein... READ MORE