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Upper bleph, Annapolis, Maryland, March 6, 2017 (age 51)

Eyelid Surgery

10 Mar 2017, Created 6 months ago

I'm on day 5. I think yesterday was the worst. By worst I don't mean pain. Have not had pain, but I'm ready to feel normal. I took off work to have this done and keep telling myself that. This is not a few days off and "let's see what I can get done while recuperating" so I've been making myself... READ MORE

July 2016 Mohs Upper Lip, Annapolis, Dr. Renfro/Dr. Buhrer

Had a recurrence of basal cell below my nose from 2006. Used imiquimod cream for 2 weeks before it reacted so violently that dermatologist said discontinue, you are probably fine. Not so. This year saw Dr. Renfro who determined it was either never gone, or had come back, so Mohs it was. Her office is BUSY. I would not expect a warm, fuzzy feeling from anyone in here as they are so busy. They... READ MORE

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You look beautiful. I'm so happy you were able to find someone to fix the issue left behind after the first surgery. READ COMMENT

Your eyes look the best I've ever seen on this site, as far as lack of bruising. I've been told to wait till 3 months or so for a very-close to final outcome as far as swelling. Please keep us updated with another photo, I'm curious as... READ COMMENT

I am reading comments from women that are around my age, (51) as I think they would have the best change of mirroring what may happen with me when I get mine done in March. Appreciate the photos and the stories! READ COMMENT

You look fantastic. Seriously, I'm happy for you! READ COMMENT

When I think of pounds of things, I always picture a pack of hamburger from the grocery store. 1.5 pounds or so. It helps to envision what things weigh/look like. READ COMMENT