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From "Frankenboob Blues to Almost Fabulous! See 6 Month Progression Photos, Time is the KEY! (Overall Update at bottom)

I am 41 years old. Never had children. I have however been a yo-yo with my weight over the years. I am 5'3 and weight currently 167. I was at 207 at my highest. I am sure the ups and downs of my weight have taken a toll on my breasts. I really like them over all, I just need some fullness, especially now that I have lost weight. I am almost to my goal of 160. For me, that is a good weight,... READ MORE

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Congrats on your decision! I did not get a lift and I am pleased with my final result. However it took a long time to get there...So Patience is needed for sure... I notice you have some asymmetry just like I did. Mine is still there... READ COMMENT

Sissy Thx!! I got it at Victoria Secret. It is the demi dream angels collection. Good luck on your revision! READ COMMENT

That kinda confuses me... but I am not a DR. Not sure how keeping them compressed keeps a capsule open... unless that compression is the same a laying on them compression. I really have to tell you, I swear I woke up one day, at about 6... READ COMMENT

LOL Scrappy you prob don't have to pull your nipples up, you do not have much "sag" going on like I did, your pretty perky! ;) My breast tissue was sitting below the implants for many months till I finally dropped! READ COMMENT

Wanna b....well thank you! I never thought I would get these boobs I have now! ;) As for the floor. My PS told me to take my fingers and pull up my nipples, then lay on the floor, he said this pushes the implant into the lower portion... READ COMMENT