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Questions from 28forever

Would the Restore 4 Treatment Laser Be Enough to Tighten my Skin and Pores or Should I Get the Re:pair?

I am 49 I lost over 100 lbs and my face is not sagging enough for a mini facelift but is wrinkled and have large pores. Would the restore 4 treatment laser be enough to tighten... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Vs Fraxel Repair to Improve Skin Texture?

Hello, I am 49, with large pores, a lot of Milia above and below eyes, sun damaged skin. I have had 3 Fraxel Restore treatments.I am really bothered by my skin not going out in... READ MORE

TCA Peel Safe for Upper Eye Area?

I am having Hiatal hernia surgery 3/15/10 and a Plastic surgeson agreed to do a TCA peel 40% on face and 30% under eyes so I can recover from these at the same time. Now I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Pittsburgh for Erbium CO2 Laser

Are there any Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists that have the Erbium CO2 laser in or near Pittsburgh, PA? I wanted to have my whole face done, and I am having trouble finding... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Phenol Peel

I cannot afford the $6,000 for the CO2 erbium laser right now. That is the tmt that I really want. I have type 1 skin, light, sun damaged, large pores. I want smooth skin again... READ MORE

Phenol Peel Results - What to Expect?

I am 51. Could this peel make my pores larger? Can this line of demarcation be covered with make up? I am scheduled in May, but have not had the consultation yet. I only have... READ MORE

Micro Laser Peel After a Phenol Peel?

I had a phenol peel in May of 2011. My face still looks the same. I don't think the plastic surgeon mixed it right, maybe it wasn't strong enough. It seemed to be really red... READ MORE

Searching for Plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh, PA that performs Dual erbium facial resurfacing!!!!!

Does anybody know any? Maybe near Pittsburgh, PA? If not, I have to go to Minnesota to have it done. READ MORE

What exactly does Halo laser achieve for my face? Can it be used around the eyes to tighten skin? (photo)

I have sun damage, large pores, loose skin around eyes, clogged pores around my eyes that a plastic surgeon said that he could do nothing about, I also have broken capillaries... READ MORE

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Hi Southhillsgirl, Which CO2 laser did you have on your neck? I was told that CO2 couldn't be used on your neck? I'm near Pittsburgh, Pa and I am really curious with what results that you are getting!!!! READ COMMENT

You go girl!!! You look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT

I am sorry that people treated you this way. I have large pores all over my face especially on my nose and I can see when I talk to people that they are looking at my nose and it bothers me terribly. I am searching for a plastic surgeon... READ COMMENT

Hi, I saw your post about the phenol peel. Did you ever have it done last year and how was it and how do you like the results? READ COMMENT

Hi, I scheduled an Obagi Blue peel for march 2010. I am having another surgery and will have two weeks off work and decided to have the peel the day after my surgery so I can be home for that long. It is at a plastic surgery center in... READ COMMENT