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Mine took 9 weeks to look normal. It is still only 85% and it's been five months. I had this happen before and it lasted only 12 days. Never again! It is an injector issue. Do NOT let them say otherwise. I called allergan myself and... READ COMMENT

I am 34. Did you mean 3-4 weeks or months? I am about 90% better. I have taken daily photos. Thank you fir the advice READ COMMENT

Thank you for responding. Is 8 weeks normal to still be saggy eyed. it was closed for two. It is getting better but very slowly! READ COMMENT

I wish I had only a droop! My eyelid closed for 2 weeks. It has been 7 weeks and still drooped. My left eye is wide open and my right is 1/2 way closed.My wrinkles are back and my eye is still not open!. I had 12 units injected between... READ COMMENT

Kenedie di dyou ever see anyones eye shut? My right eu=ye did of ra wekk. It has been six weeks and i am only about 60% open. What is the longest you saw an eye problem last for? please help anyone! READ COMMENT