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My Breast Battle - Barnsley, UK

I am 26 years old, turning 27 this year. I am roughly a size 12/14 on my hips but a size 12 normally as i have put on weight recently due to depression. On top i am a 34G in the morning but this doesnt fit by about 4pm I have noticed so need to get measured on an evening coz i think i will be a size bigger (apparently that is because the weight stretch and deforms the muscles - nice eh?) Of... READ MORE

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How long did it take people to decide to have a breast reduction?

I am 27 years old this year and have been considering a breast reduction since I was in school. My boobs are 34 G and im a size 12 on my hips I just have always hated them, i... READ MORE

Does anyone actually know how much breasts weigh?

I have been trying to figure out how much my breast weigh and, therefore, add to my weight and BMI. I have looked on the internet and of course it is full of guess and really... READ MORE

Ok so I have been referred her in the UK but need to know who to be refered to and what kind of reduction procedures to.

Like I say I have got the go ahead from the NHS but I want to make sure I get the best treatment no matter how awkward they think i'm being.   So If anyone on here knows... READ MORE

If i dont get it done what will it really be like?

I dont want to make people reflect on the bad but I was wondering ... From people experience what is the nature progression of pain and problems as you get older with big... READ MORE

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Hey, thanks for the input. I am single no kids and I was hoping to breastfeed but as the likihood of having kids soon has dwindled I am not sure I can wait. I have asked this because I keep putting it off thinking it wont be so bad...... READ COMMENT

I am going through the exact same thing.... Worrying I will miss them, it will go wrong, that I wont be myself, that doing this will make me miserable forever etc etc. Would be really helpful to know whether you went forward or not and... READ COMMENT

Hello, i am sorry to hear of your problems and bein from england and strugglin with NHS who also have hoops to jump through I though I would reply as I can imagine how difficult things feel. I know i had to give up sports because I... READ COMMENT

I first thought about breast reduction at your age... I am now a 34GG. The reasons I chose not to do it at that time was my concerns about breast feeding, scares and everyone opinion i should be happy with my boobs and that they all... READ COMMENT

I just wanted to say I am exactly the same. i have just be refer and now im like ....nooooooo i dont want to, tomorrow ill be like I want rid of them now, the next day ill be like well they arent that bad etc etc.... i think its just a... READ COMMENT