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Removal After 3 Months - Best Decision Ever.

I'm only 6 weeks post op, but I want to explant really really badly. I hate these stupid boobs with all my heart. I just wish I could snap my fingers and be back to what I was before all of this. I'm such an idiot for ever getting breast augmentation. Part of me truly resents myself for getting this procedure done. I was so caught up in so many things, and I wish I was asked more... READ MORE

Questions from Tinatrip

Do I Need a Lift With BA For Fullness? (photo)

I'm 23, 5'5 and 145lbs. Would like more fullness at the bottom of my breasts and, well, larger breasts. Do I need a lift as well as a ba? Or would overs help fill out... READ MORE

I had my BA over a month ago. How Soon Can I Explant?

I had my BA over a month ago, and regret the implant size and profile tremendously. It was nothing huge, but still far to big for my body. I know emotions run high for many... READ MORE

Best Way to Downsize? - BA Was 6 Weeks Ago, Want to Downsize Asap? (photo)

I completely regret augmentation and wish I left my natural breasts alone. I would explant, but I'm too worried that they won't look as "good" as they did before, especially... READ MORE

Did PS Failed to Lower Crease Correctly?(photo)

I had my BA about 6 weeks ago, my PS "lowered" my creases to accommodate the implant, but I'm wondering if he failed to "score" the tissue correctly to allow for the implants... READ MORE

Implant Removal and Crease Restoration ?!

My PS lowered my creases a bit when he put in my implants. I had augmentation about 7 weeks ago, how likely is it that my PS will be able to restore them to their original... READ MORE

Implant Removal Under Local with Crease Restoration?

Can I have my implants removed under local, even if my PS also has to "raise" my creases back to where they were? I hate general, and if I could avoid going under again, I... READ MORE

Implant Removal & Fat Transfer, Should It Be Staged? (photo)

25, non-smoker, only had implants for 2 months and planning on getting them removed asap! I would also be interested in a "fat transfer" so makeup for volume lost etc (if any)... READ MORE

PS Said He Won't Restore my Crease During Implant Removal? (photo)

Getting my implants removed after only having them for 2 months. My PS said he didn't "lower" my creases that much during surgery, and that he put "internal dissolvable... READ MORE

Likelihood That I'll Bounce Back After Removal?

25, non-smoker, getting implants removed after only having them for about 3 months. I know no one can tell, but what's the likelihood that I'll go back to where I was? I want... READ MORE

Do Areola Lifts with out Implants Typically Produce These Kind of Results? (photo)

I had a consult with a PS who recommend that I just get an areola lift. I didn't do it because I was worried about scars, but I've actually seen a lot of really good small... READ MORE

How Long Does Implant Removal Healing Take?

Removing implants 2-3 months post op, they're not for me. How long until my muscles and everything are healed and I no longer feel pain in my breasts due to this surgery? READ MORE

Flying After Implant Removal?

How soon is it safe to fly after a straight implant removal? READ MORE

How to Avoid Breast Implant Extrusion? What are the factors that contribute?

I didn't even know this was a possibility and now I'm soo scared!! What are the factors that contribute? How can it be avoided? READ MORE

Ask PS NOT to Numb my Breast During Explant?

I'm having implant removal done in a few weeks and I don't want my breasts to be shot with numbing stuff, during my augmentation my left breast developed a weird reaction to... READ MORE

How Long for 3 Month Old Capsule to Dissipate?

Getting implants removed at the 3 month mark. How long does it take for the body to get rid of the capsule, or will it always be there to some degree? READ MORE

Red Blister Like Spot on Boob? (photo)

Almost 3 months post op, no fever... 450cc, creases were lowered. Suddenly a red blister like spot has appeared above my incicion?! What could it be? Thinning tissue?... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Treatment How Soon After Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

I had a doctor recommend I start fraxel laser as soon as 2 weeks after implant removal to help reduce the marks that will be left behind. Is this wise?! Should I wait longer?!... READ MORE

Muscle Discomfort Post Explant?

How long will my muscles feel uncomfortable post implant removal? Its almost like they're tense? And almost feels like there is still something under them, even though the... READ MORE

Scar Treatment? How Soon?

How soon can I put sillicone strips on my scars? It's been a little over a week, my steri strips have fallen off and I'd like to put on the sillicone sheeting as soon as... READ MORE

Dubble Bubble Foreseeable?

When a PS examins you, should he or she be able to determin if you are at risk for developing dubble bubble? Or is it just this mysterious thing that happens while the implants... READ MORE

Incision Re-open Years Later?

Can an incision re-open years later after surger? If so what would be the cause? READ MORE

Fat Transfer Without Extensive Lipo?

Will fat transfer without extensive lipo ever be possible?! Meaning... future surgeons would only have to remove a little bit of fat/stemcells/whatever and be able to then grow... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation?

How effective is is Ultrasonic Cavitation on small areas such as the arms? And what are the side effects? Thankyou! READ MORE

Discussions started by Tinatrip

Dr. Kolb Still Uses Silicone?

This is not a negative review by any means, I have read this women's book, and think she does wonderful work. I'm just confused :) I called her office to talk about removal... READ MORE

Fraxel Laser Treatment How Soon?

I had a doctor recommend I start fraxel laser as soon as 2 weeks after implant removal to help reduce the marks that will be left behind. Is this wise?! Should I wait longer?!... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tinatrip

Once, the implant is out the "pocket" closes it's self, and it's typically best the doctor to leave the capsule as well. It's usually very thin and will get dissolved and broken down by the body on it's own. READ COMMENT

No drains, most people don't need them. He just pulled out my implants and stiched me back up. READ COMMENT

I should also note that I had "double bubble" too, the implant felt like it was literally sliding down my rib cage. So don't worry that complications will some how effect your results, they won't. It will all "snap" back. READ COMMENT

Hey, I was 25 when I had my implants removed (I only had them for 3 months) -- they bounced right back! Youth is on your side, as it was on mine :) I look exactly the same as I did before I ever got them done, try not to worry too much.... READ COMMENT

Goodluck! your going to do great! removal is the best thing i ever did! :) READ COMMENT