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How many CC's were removed? I also had surgery on 3/28 and had 1 liter removed READ COMMENT

I'm 5'7 and weighed 150 pounds. All my fat is stored in my stomach and flanks and that's where the procedure was done. Today is day 2 post op. I feel great no drainage little bruising, swelling and a lot of spareness but tolerable!... READ COMMENT

Hi there! I had this procedure done today and was wondering how many cc or liters you had removed? READ COMMENT

Hi there! I just got this procedure done today and had 1 liter removed. I was wondering if this was too little. How much did you have removed? READ COMMENT

Howbmany liters were removed? I just did my procedure today and got 1 liter removed and am curious as to how much of a difference that will make. READ COMMENT