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Is it Possible to Develop a Nodule or Granuloma from Sculptra?

I am a 32 year old white woman and I recently had 2 sessions of Sculptra in my temples spaced 6 weeks apart and am supposed to go back in 8 weeks possibly for a 3rd session if... READ MORE

Is it Okay to Massage Sculptra Area to Prevent Nodule from Forming?

Is it okay to keep massing after the first 5 days to prevent a nodule or Granuloma from forming ? I am a 32 years old woman and have had 2 sessions of sculptra in my temporal... READ MORE

Sculptra Waiver, Is it Common for PS to Have Patients Sign One?

I signed a sculptra waiver not that long ago and I don’t want to call my PS and ask for a copy what does this really cover? Do all Plastic Surgoens have their patients... READ MORE

Best Options for Treating Dark Purple Circles Under Eyes?

What is the best treatment for dark circles that are a darker purple color under eyes? READ MORE

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@ Msdevine19 you should use restyalne injected from a top plastic surgeon only.. u should find a facial plastic surgeon.. that's the kind of Dr i use..i had it twice once in 2010 and in Feb of this year... you should do it .. most... READ COMMENT

@ SculptraMess did a plastic surgeon inject you? what did the Dr do to help you when u got the lumps? how are the lumps now? are they big? what do they feel like? READ COMMENT

@ Teresa whats your experience with the product? READ COMMENT

Omg I am so scared now..WOW when did you have it first injected? How many sessions did you have total ? Was it only your temple area that you injected? What did the Dr do to help you ? how mych cost was involved with the surgery to... READ COMMENT

How many sessions did you have? what area was injected? when did you notice the pea size lump? how is it now? and what area was injected w/ sculptra? READ COMMENT