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I had upper blepharroplasty about 2 1/2 years ago. Am happy I did it, but need under eye blephorroplasty. At the time, my plastic surgeon, an occuloplastic surgeon said I wasn't a candidate for lower bleph and she would recommnd under eye fat grafting which she did not do and I recently went to him and had Restylane injections which helped but he said I still need lower bleph for the... READ MORE

Questions from vabeckaboo

Should I Have a Blepharoplasty Instead of Restylane?

I am 48 with lax under eye skin, hollowness and herniated fat. I was told by one PA that I needed lower blepharoplasty and another said that I needed Restylane injection... READ MORE

Candidate for Zoom Whitening After At-home Teeth Bleaching?

Why can't you have Zoom teeth whitening if you have already done home bleaching given by the dentist? My teeth never really got that white from home bleathing-they are a... READ MORE

What is a Milder Alternative to Retin A?

I have fair skin with rosacea (pretty much under control with Metrogel). I am looking for something to reverse sun damage and make my skin look younger. Cannot tolerate Retin-A... READ MORE

Anti-aging Treatments for Rosacea?

I am 48 and have rosacea (under pretty good control with Metrogel for years). I have fair, sundamaged skin. Are there any anti-aging treatments or regimens to get younger... READ MORE

Recommended Anti-aging Treatment for Fair Skin with Rosacea?

Anti-aging treatments skin care lines for fair skin with rosacea that can be used with Metrogel. I am 48 and trying to reverse sun damage and get younger looking skin READ MORE

Any Creams for Raised Blepharoplasty Scars?

Is there a cream for raised scar from blepharoplasty over 2 years ago? I didn't think Mederma could be used around eyes. My eyelids are also still very red. READ MORE

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Yes, I am happy. I went to a plastic surgeon who is very conservative. I had just a little in my lips, I didn't want to do too much, but I plan to go back for more in my lips since I had Restylane left over. I sleep on my face a lot... READ COMMENT

I was wondering if you are still happy with the results of your Restylane injections. I am scheduled to have it this week but not sure if I want to go through with it!!! READ COMMENT