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2 Sessions of Fraxel Laser-wouldn't Recommend, Laser Marks Left on Skin - England

I've had two fraxel lasers done, four weeks apart-the last one was roughly 3 months ago. I'm not sure what fraxel it was (it just said fraxel on the sheet I signed- not if it was repair or restore) but it's the one you have a few treatments of rather than just one. I'm not sure what setting the doc used either, but he did say that he'd go all out on the high setting so... READ MORE

Questions from jules2012

Why does scar revision result in a longer scar than the original in order to close it with stitches?

I want to get some raised scars removed, they are round and not very big but they bother me as they are on my face. However, when I asked about revision I was told that to have... READ MORE

Risk of cutting too deep into the skin during scar removal surgery?

Hi, I have some scars on my face that i would like surgically removed but I was told the mouth muscles are very close to where one of my scars is which is on my lip. What is... READ MORE

What is serial excision?

Hi, I had never heard of this scar revision technique before but have just come across it and it is of some interest to me. I have researched it but cannot find out much about... READ MORE

Treatment for scar indent on arm?

Hello, I had a scar removed on my arm which resulted in a longer flat scar. It's healed nicely but unfortunately I am left with an indent where it is. It is not a normal scar... READ MORE

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Wow you look great so glad you had a good experience. My eyes are pretty bad -7 at least in both eyes. Hate glasses now-used to wear contacts then switched to glasses all the time and I have AWFUL dark circles under my eyes which I... READ COMMENT

I have commented before-I had fraxel a few years ago. Now noticing a dent where I had it (just in one place) cant be positive its due to fraxel as I also had scar revision which couldve done it-but it seems I'm only noticing it more... READ COMMENT

So sorry you are having to deal with that. I have commented before. I have had fraxel-just on a small area on one cheek-that area is now indented more than the other side. I'm worried this will get worse. Can't be sure it's from the... READ COMMENT

Great news! Big improvement :) READ COMMENT

My gosh what you mustve been through! Fantastic outcome though, amazing! So happy for you :) READ COMMENT