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Soft Tissue Chin Reduction of the Chin?

I had previous horizontal reduction genioplasty (intraoral). & although my bone is now shorter, I still have 2 much soft tissue. My lower lip comes up too far in my mouth,... READ MORE

How Much Does Soft Tissue Reduction of the Chin Cost?

What would the avg cost be to correct secondary soft tissue problems from a previous reduction- via submental incision shortening the inferior mentalis reattaching tightly with... READ MORE

Would Submental Shortening of the Inferior Mentalis Muscle Lower a Chin Pad?

Provide issues are soley soft tissue (previous horizontal reduction).. would submental shortening of the inferior mentalis muscle help efface a rather unattractive 90 degree... READ MORE

Do Very Many Surgeons Know How to Adequately Do Mentopexy or Correct Chin Ptosis? Avg Cost?

Do very many surgeons know how to adequately perform mentopexy or correct chin ptosis? And how much does this procedure on average usually cost? READ MORE

Diagnose This Dental or Skeletal Abnormality/condition?

I have a normal occlusion yet short, small teeth (not from wear as even baby teeth were even relatively small for baby teeth). Did have mandibular setback surgery for a... READ MORE

Who in the US does Laser Jaw Reduction & Contouring procedures similar to the ones performed at Grand Plastic Surgery in Korea?

I had mandibular setback procedure but still need jaw contouring, chin reduction, chin narrowing, & reshaping along w/ soft tissue management. Im not Asian, however I've an... READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing your video! Wish you well on your surgery :) READ COMMENT

You look great!! Way to go girl!! So happy for you! READ COMMENT

Did the $4,000 include anesthesia, outpatient surgery facility, etc.? Yours looks fantastic to me! READ COMMENT

Interested in same procedure... who did you go to? READ COMMENT

Oh, wow, you look fantastic!!!! So happy for you!! READ COMMENT