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I have a new date :) April 14th

Ok so, I've been researching bbl/ETT/lipo for 4 years now and have finally saved up enough to get it done...I'm so excited and nervous. EVERYtIME I think about how close I am to my surgery date I get serious butterflies in my belly lol....it's been a long time coming. The last 6 1/2 years have been hard on me and now that I can better handle the grief of losing someone I love so dearly I feel... READ MORE

Questions from Burning_the_past

SCD and Blood Thinners?

Is it common practice to use a SCD during a tummytuck and give a patient blood thinners post surger? READ MORE

Compression Socks Vs SCD Device?

I'm excited to be getting my tummy tuck and BBL next year but I have concerns. My chosen doctor dsn't use a SCD device during surgery.I was advised by the nurse to buy my own... READ MORE

What are the signs of fat necrosis and how is it treated?

Im getting a Brazilian butt lift in May. What are the signs of fat necrosis and how is it treated? READ MORE

Can Someone with Heart Palpitations Get Major Surgery Such As a Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Fat Grafting All in One Day?

I'm going to see a cardiologist before my surgery but would like to know if any doctors on here have performed these surgeries on someone with heart palpitations and if so were... READ MORE

Birth control and surgery - Should I Stop Taking it?

I am currently on microgrestin 1/20 FE tabs and the warning label talks about the risks of blood clots. Should I discontinue using these pills prior to my surgery or should I... READ MORE

Is it safe to take Progesterone only pills, before during and after having a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift?

I hv menorrhagia and currently take loestrin fe to control the bleeding . I was advised by my doctor to stop taking my birth control pills 2 weeks prior to my surgery and for... READ MORE

Should I have my drain removed even though it's still draining dark red blood? (Photo)

I've been draining less than 25 cc's from both my left and right side drains . From the beginning my right drain has always filled with dark red blood. I was told by my doctor... READ MORE

4.5 weeks post tummy tuck and my belly button looks gray inside. What do you think is wrong? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck 4.5 weeks ago and everything has healed well expect for my belly button. I clean it and bandage it twice a day. The rim of the belly button is healing but... READ MORE

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So good to hear. Prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery. Xoxo READ COMMENT

Good luck NewBooty. Today is your day! Praying for you. READ COMMENT

Great looking results! I'm a slow healer too :( it sucks lol. But I love my results from Cardenas :) I'm thinking about a round 2 as well but can't imagine going through the recovery again. Good luck READ COMMENT

Good luck! Hoping all is well READ COMMENT

Your dedication to weight loss is so inspiring! Keep it up beautiful! READ COMMENT