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Anatomical Breast Implants - London, GB

Years ago I stupidly had saline Implants (overs) 3 years ago I had them removed with no replacement. What I was left with was not too pretty and despite not wanting any further surgery I just couldn't live with them. I looked into fat tansfer but I apparently did not have enough fat and I wasn't convinced that the results last. I did not want big breasts, I just wanted to replace and fill what... READ MORE

Goodbye 10 year old Saline implants; Overs 34A to 34C/D. CC and capsules removed.

Hi Ladies, I have been looking at this website for the past 6 months and feel that I have become a stalker of boobs! I am 37, and I have saline implants over the muscle for the past 10 years.I am around a 34C - 34D. I had them done when back packing (don't ask!) as I was so embarrassed by my lack of any bust, esp in a bikini. I also looked very skinny as I was so flat (34 AA). My boobs were a... READ MORE

Questions from plasticnation

Will These Improve? If Not What Are my Options? (photo)

3 weeks ago I had my 10 year saline implants removed. They were overs. I have noticed them change but as soon as I take of sports bra they head south! The left is far saggier... READ MORE

I Had Saline Overs Removed - Why Do my Nipples Fold Over?

I had saline overs removed 5mths ago, no replacement, (290) capsules removed via scar under breast, why do my nipples fold over? They will 'perk back up when massaged' the... READ MORE

What shape implants would be best? (Photo)

I have had 3 consultations with very well respected PS. One has told me that I would need round Implants s as I have no volume at the top . He was adamant that amnatomical... READ MORE

Pain with anatomical dual plane implants still after 6 months. Why? (Photo)

I have ongoing pain which is constant. I have raised it with my PS and she has said everything's fine and as it should be and that the pain will settle. My breasts look... READ MORE

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Hi, good luck. I'd be interested in how you feel with round than anatomical. It makes sense what your surgeon is saying. I removed and replaced 3 years later. I loved being implant free but I had ahtropy skin and my nipples would not... READ COMMENT

Hi, I've just had anatomical implants and I hate the feel of them. I'm also in a lot of pain on my left side. I didn't go for round as I'm so thin and I had a lot of saggy breast tissue. Thanks for your review-I think I'm going to... READ COMMENT

Great review. I chose anatomicals also as I had no breast tissue and they def give a great shape.I'm not too sure about the feel of them though-mine are quite hard. You've had an amazing result :-) READ COMMENT

You look fantastic :-) out of interest I have just reimplanted with tear drops (my result was not as great as yours) what make we're your ones as they ruptured. Enjoy your new boobies, I'm jealous of being able to lay flat on my front!! X READ COMMENT

Dr Rezai, Harley street. There's loads of surgeons who do implant removal now. Are you in the UK? READ COMMENT